SomerStreets Carnaval Festival, Somerville 
Neighborhood Counseling and Community Services was present at the SomerStreets Carnaval festival on East Broadway in Somerville on Sunday June 4, 2017.  This is the second time NCCS was there, and we had a great time!  Lots of great food and wonderful music and dance groups from Brazil, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America.

NCCS was on hand to offer kids and families a chance to paint lifesize kids' shaped cutouts - or just paint whatever they wanted on giant rolls of paper.  We were inspired by the creativity of all who participated!

Recent Grant Awards

Somerville Health Foundation, August 2016

$4,000 Grant Received by NCCS to Pilot a DBT Group for Somerville Adolescents Ages 15-16 to start in January, 2017.

First Congregational Church, Winchester, MA, September 2016

$2,000 to perform a needs assessment of the childcare needs of the families of second and third shift; and weekend workers living in Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, Malden and Everett.  This project is in conjunction with Catholic Charities of Somerville. 

The Anger Management Workbook for Women: A 5-Step Guide to Help Manage Your Emotions and Break the Cycle of Anger Paperback By Julie Catalano, MSW, LICSW– June 26, 2018

​As a clinical social worker and therapist specializing in anger management, Julie Catalano has seen that when women choose to address their anger management issues, they often do so with feelings of shame or regret. If anger is wreaking havoc in your life and you have decided to work on it―congratulations, you’re making a very brave choice.

In The Anger Management Workbook for Women Julie offers a 5-step anger management plan that will help you understand the source of your anger, release the pervasive guilt that often results from negative behaviors, and learn actionable strategies for managing anger now and in the future.

​​Women's DBT Group

 Skill training group to improve the experience of daily living

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment that specializes in teaching people to manage moods and impulses, deal with distress and improve relationships


Can join anytime! 

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News and Events

NOON-1:30PM Neighborhood Counseling & Community Services 

A 20-Week group for women that will focus on developing Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Please note that it is recommended that members be in individual therapy as well.